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Merve ç., Dueño de mascota en busca de cuidador de gatos en Bellaterra (08193)

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Do you want to take care of my cat at my house on New Year?


I have a cat which is 4 years old boy. Rifki is an easy-going cat, actually like a dog because he loves human and wants to be very close contrary to the usual cats.

I am planning to go a vacation between December-27th and January-3rd. I need a cat sitter who will take care of him in my house which is very near to the Bellaterra station. But since 31st night is the new year, staying in my place for that night is optional.

My cat had urinary problems caused by stress due to changing the country, house etc. So he needs a special care about his toilet needs. I live in the ground level and he gets used to go out from the window early in the morning (so in the early morning giving 1 wet food and opening the window is enough), then after a couple of hours he comes back to the window, letting him inside is enough. He needs to be fed and released also in the afternoon or night.

Are you available in those dates and do you want to take care of Rifki?

If so, what is the price in total or per day?



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