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Rebeca B., Persona en búsqueda de profesor de inglés en Castellón De La Plana

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English tutor at home, a native if possible

.English tutor at home, a native if possible .

I need English tutor to help me with the subjects of English at primary teaching degree . I need six hours weekly . I do not have much money since I 'm unemployed . Pay up to 80 euros a month and always the last week of the month. If there is someone interested in helping me with the language at that price you contact me . I'm willing to listen to offers but never pay more than 80 euros a month, and would not change the method of payment . I am willing to discuss the number of class hours , days and times .
Just answer emails .

I would also be willing to provide free accommodation to a native (woman ) in exchange for free tutoring , so that the person selected with this option can have a job outside the home. As long as both parties establish basic rules of coexistence.


Posición aproximada a 150 metros.